New Year: A Puritan Prayer

January 3, 2016
Figured there was no better way to start 2016 - & pick up the blog after 350+ days - with a prayer. A group of 16th & 17th Century followers of Jesus called the Puritans wrote, among other things, moving & thoughtful prayers. They have...

"Weekend Edition" FREE on NoiseTrade

January 14, 2015
NoiseTrade Books is giving away a section of A Field Guide for Everyday Mission this week. Here’s their blurb: With the New Year here, there’s no better time to reflect on your life and how to live intentionally on a mission. In this...

Field Guide: Weekend Discount, Monday Giveaway!

November 28, 2014
We’re joining the fun o’ Black Friday weekend savings on A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, then going “all in” on Cyber Monday: Friday, Nov 28 - Monday, Dec 1, order a copy for only $9.50 (retail $14.99): Head to...

"My Mission" by Steve Timmis

September 3, 2014
Bob Roberts & I were honored - or, “honoured” for today’s context - to include stories from various missional leaders in A Field Guide for Everyday Mission. Over several weeks, I’m glad to share some of those stories; I...


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Ben Connelly, his wife Jess, and their kiddos Charlotte, Maggie, and Travis live in Fort Worth, TX. He started and now co-leads The City Church, part of the Acts29 network and Soma family of churches. Ben also directs church planting for Soma churches across North America, has taught university classes, and has published a few books. With degrees from Baylor University and Dallas Theological Seminary, he writes for various publications, trains folks across the country, and blogs occasionally at




Gospel Fluency Handbook

“I’m an unbeliever. So are you,” Jeff Vanderstelt tells us in his book, Gospel Fluency. We slip in and out of believing God’s word about us and trusting in his work on our behalf. We forget who He is, what’s He’s done and in light of that who we are.

The Gospel Fluency Handbook is designed to help you and your group become fluent in the gospel—in other words, to help you move from unbelief to belief. The discussions and exercises in this 8-week interactive handbook provide a step-by-step immersion of your mind, heart, soul, and life in the gospel.

Each week follows a simple format: three sets of personal Readings and Reflections, a weekly guide for Group Discussion and Exercises that will lead to becoming a more gospel-fluent people. People who are learning to see and then speak the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life. [With Jeff Vanderstelt; Saturate, 2017]


A Guide for Advent

We stand in the already and not yet. We are disciples serving between Christ’s coming and his coming again. As we look backward, we see an astonishing baby boy cradled in his mother’s arms and the saving life he will lead. Looking forward, we see a complete kingdom and restoration of all things. We celebrate Christmas only after grappling with the hope fulfilled and the hope still waiting. We worship on Christmas morning through the lens of complete peace and anticipated shalom in the darkened corners of our world. We receive Christmas after enjoying the love of God already given and still to come. Advent invites us into the joy of knowing God has promised, God has fulfilled, and God has promised again.  [Several authors; GCD Books, 2016]


Saturate Field Guide

Every follower of Jesus needs help translating our belief in the gospel into action and fruit. And given our tendency to wander away from God, we need help keeping that gospel at the center of our action! This 8-week guide offers a holistic approach to being a disciple who makes disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. 

 Whether you’re just beginning a relationship with Jesus or you’ve been a follower of Jesus for a long while, many of us have a hard time translating the truths we believe in our mind, to the reality of our everyday life: the questions, activities, prayers, and exercises in these pages will prompt you to do exactly that—put your thoughts and theology into hands-on practice. Designed for both group and individual use. [With Jeff Vanderstelt; Saturate Books, 2015]


A Pastor's Guide for Everyday Mission

"Since releasing A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, Bob [Roberts, Jr] and I have gotten questions from people in as differing life stages, locations, and mission fields as your mind could possibly imagine. But we've received more questions from one population, far more than any other: ministers. Pastors. Para-church ministry heads. Church leaders. Board members. Administrators. Seminary students...

That’s the reason for this Pastor's Guide: to help those of us in paid ministry rediscover—and live—our life as God’s missionaries, even as we minister to God’s people..." [GCD Books, 2016]


A Field Guide for Everyday Mission

Surprise - if you call yourself a follower of Jesus, he calls you his missionary!

You may never go halfway around the world or raise financial support, but because of God's gospel work in you, you are on mission. As everyday missionaries, God has sent us to live out his Great Commission in the ordinary, normal, all-too-busy, and even most mundane moments of our lives. 

But What exactly does an everyday missionary do? Where and when does everyday mission happen? And how can you possibly share the gospel, without killing your relationships? [With Bob Roberts, Jr; Moody, 2014]


Communicating in Your Career

What do you need from a basic business speaking course? You need a resource to give you the hands-on, functional ability to inform, persuade, interview, and work well with others. Communicating in Your Career is that resources.Maybe you’re just stepping into your career.

Maybe you’re brushing up on skills to make you a better boss or employee. Maybe you’re hoping to be a stronger candidate for a new job. Or maybe your situation is unique. In each area you encounter, this textbook will help you communicate . . . well. [Kendall Hunt, 2013]


In addition to regular local teaching responsibilities, Ben is honored to participate in occasional public and private events around the country. Please pray for Ben, that God would be glorified and the kingdom expanded at each event. 

Thank you in advance for considering Ben’s involvement in your event; it’s an honor to be considered, and something that neither Ben and his family, nor our team, take lightly. While we prayerfully consider each request, know that his travel is limited each month, and typically books about six months in advance. Knowing that, please click the request button below if you'd like Ben to participate in your event. 




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